Ahh the sensory overload that is Malibu.  The beauty of color, the smells and textures.  With this collection I wanted to reminisce and honor the time I lived in Point Dume.  As an East Coaster in California each day felt the like two in one.  I would rise and set with the sun and enjoy a full East Coast work day…  Just around 5pm New York time the sun had finally burned off the Malibu fog to reveal a beautiful sunny day.  We would close down the work day, grab our boards and head to the beach to catch a beautiful, guilt free, few hours before sunset.

An image of a wave colored once in the palette of the sunset and again in the green colors from the January canyons is rendered in silk chiffons with sporty details.  The feeling of ease and casualness is juxtaposed by a sophistication that makes this collection  worn as easily in Malibu as in New York City- perfect in its mix for any occasion.  -Nicole Hanley